We appreciate the original ideas and memorable plots that captivate the reader

We wish you success and a lot of inspiration!

For authors

As a new boutique publisher, Lemur strives to find lesser known authors, who write captivatingly and affordably. We appreciate the original ideas that peak the reader’s interest and make him remember the plot for a long time.

If you think you have a manuscript that fits our concept, we will be happy to recieve it. For this purpose, we invite you to familiarize yourself with the guidelines for submitting manuscripts below

The genres we accept:

We are interested in novels in various fields of fiction - historical, contemporary, romantic, humorous, thrillers, science fiction, fantasy, drama and more. It is important to have an interesting story with high quality of expression and originality of the author's style.

What we expect you to send:

Due to the many short stories we are already working on, we are primarily looking for manuscripts of at least 100,000 words. We expect you to email us at books@lemurbooks.com with the following::

  • • completed text in MS Word, PDF or other similar program;
  • • a short summary of the manuscript / synopsis (about half a page);
  • • brief biographical information about the author.

Lemur guarantees that any information you provide to us is used solely by our editors to assess the manuscript's compliance with the publisher's criteria and is not passed on to third parties.

What to expect:

Because we are a small publishing house and at the same time we want to devote the necessary time and attention to each manuscript, sometimes our response can be delayed. In case there is no reaction from us within a month, please contact us by phone. Sometimes it turns out that the email has been spammed. Our practice is to always give feedback.

We wish you success and a lot of inspiration!


If this is the first version of your manuscript, we advise you to review it yourself at least twice, as well as to ask at least one person to read it and give objective feedback. Listen to the comments and opinions of as many people as possible - this will increase the chances of your text becoming a sought-after book.

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