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The multi-award-winning international bestseller.

Suspenseful and heart-breaking, Resin is the story of what can happen when you love someone too much – when your desire to keep them safe becomes the thing that could irrevocably harm them.
Liv died when she was just six years old. At least, that’s what the authorities think.

Her father knew he was the only one who could keep her safe in this world. So one evening he left the isolated house his little family called home, he pushed their boat out to sea and watched it ruin on the rocks. Then he walked the long way into town to report his only child missing.

But behind the boxes and the baskets crowding her Dad’s workshop, Liv was hiding. This way her Dad had said, she’d never have to go to school; this way, she’d never have to leave her parents.

This way, Liv would be safe.


Winner of Scandinavias most prestigious awards: The Glass Key, The Golden Bullet, Best Crime Novel from the Swedish Crime Writers Academy and The Harald Mogensen Award.
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1 review
01.04.2022 / Обща оценка: 5.0

Уникална, за два дни я прочетох. Написана със страхотен стил и мноого увлекателна. Адмирации за автора и вас, че издавате такива творения!!!

Сюжет: 5 Оформление: 5 Би ли препоръчал/а книгата на приятел? 5
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